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Grass Finished Beef

Our grass finished beef is sold in bulk as a whole, half, or split half of beef. Bulk purchase provides you a much more cost effective outlet for purchasing quantities of beef.

Spring Beef Versus Fall Beef:

Bulk Beef – The Best Buy!

Our bulk grass finished beef is sold as a whole animal, by the half, or a “split half”. To comply with state regulation, the sale is actually of the live animal, and then we arrange processing by a licensed processing plant. The weight of the animal is based upon the “hanging weight” of the meat that reaches the processing facility. Our prices for 2014 are:

In addition to the above price, you will pay the processor for their on farm processing fee, as well as for cutting and wrapping.

If you choose to purchase a whole or half of beef, you will provide instructions to the processor of exactly how you want the meat cut and packaged, to assure you get the correct serving sizes for your family and that your favorite steaks are including in the processing order.

We also sell “split halves”. If a full half of beef is too much for you, we can provide you with a quarter of a beef as a split half. Unfortunately, the back quarter of the beef contains different cuts than the front quarter, so simply purchasing a quarter doesn’t give you the full selection of cuts you would expect. Thus, our split halves are partially from the front quarter, and partially from the back quarter, for a full selection. If you choose to purchase a split half, then you will not be able to provide specific cutting instructions, but instead will be required to take our normal cutting and packaging specifications (two steaks per package, hamburger in one pound packages, etc).

One concern we often hear is how much storage space is needed for the beef. Typically, a split half of beef will require about four cubic feet of storage space in your freezer, and a half of beef will require about eight cubic feet.

The amount of meat you will receive depends, of course, on the size of the animal, and thus can’t be specifically designated beforehand. Typically, the “hanging weight” of the beef will be about 60% of the live weight of the animal. From that weight, you can expect to receive about 65 to 70% of the hanging weight in packaged meat due to trim loss, bones, etc. The following chart estimates what you would normally expect from a typical 1,100 pound live weight animal. Please remember this is only an estimate, as each animal works out differently.

Spring Whole Beef Spring Half Beef Spring Split Half Fall Whole Beef Fall Half Beef Fall Split Half Spring beef are older, more mature, and larger animals.
Live Weight 1300 650 325 1150 575 288
Hanging Weight 754 377 189 644 322 161 This is what you pay based on – est.56-58% of live weight
Packaged Meat Weight 490 245 123 419 209 105 This estimates how many pounds you take home from the processor
How Much Does it Cost?
Our price for the meat $3.20 $3.30 $3.40 $3.20 $3.30 $3.40
Hanging Weight 754 377 189 644 322 161
Cost of Meat 2413 1244 641 2061 1063 547 This is paid to the Crooked Gate Ranch LLC
Total Processing Charge $570 $285 $143 $499 $249 $125 Total paid to the meat processing plant
Total Cost of Meat $2983 $1529 $783 $2559 $1312 $672
Estimated Average Cost
Pound of Packaged Meat $6.09 $6.24 $6.39 $6.11 $6.27 $6.42 This is the estimated average cost per pound – what a great bargain for naturally-raised, healthy beef!