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Customer Feedback

There is no better way to judge the success of your business than to listen to what your customers say.  For that reason, each year we conduct a survey of our customers, seeking their comments and feedback on our products.

Perhaps my favorite comments of the year came from two separate customers as I spoke them on the phone regarding their re-order for this fall. They both commented that our beef had taken some of the enjoyment out of eating in restaurants, since they could no longer find a steak that tastes as good as what was home in their freezer.

Below is a sampling of some of the comments from our customers over the years:

Customer Comments – 2009:


Customer Comments – 2008:


Customer Comments – 2006:


Customer Comments – 2005:


Below is a sampling of some of the comments from our customers from our fall, 2005 customer satisfaction survey.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings:

We asked each of our customers to rank their beef purchase in the following areas, with a scale of one being poor, and ten being excellent.  Here is the average of the responses for the year:

2009 2008 2007
Fat Content 9.1 8.8 8.9
Tenderness 9.1 8.4 8.8
Flavor 9.3 8.6 8.3


We also asked our customers to rate our beef in comparison to normal, supermarket beef – 100% of the respondents rate the beef as either superior or much better than supermarket beef for the 2008 harvest, and 88% of the respondents for 2007 harvest rate the beef as either superior or much better than supermarket beef.  For the 2009 harvest, this 93% of customers rating the beef as superior to supermarket beef.

Since grass fed beef has been around for a while now, we asked customers to rank our beef in comparison to other grass fed beef they have had.  While most customers indicated they had no basis for comparison, 86% of those who had experience with other grass fed beef ranked our beef as superior to other grass fed products they had tried.

Observations On Customer Feedback:

Perhaps the one area our beef is different from most grass fed beef is in fat content. Much grass fed beef is extremely low in fat, resulting in a relatively dry product with a lower flavor content. The flavor you expect from beef primarily comes from the fat specks spread throughout the beef (called marbling), and we choose to sell a product with a slightly higher fat content then much of the grass fed beef on the market, but with much better flavor. Most grass fed beef is not put through a fattening process (called “finishing”), but by developing a specialized sequence of grasses, we are able to finish our beef, achieving an excellent flavor and tenderness in comparison to most of the grass fed products on the market.