Cows grazing


We offer a limited amount of pork each year, and it is very popular. Home grown pork is much tastier than factory pork. Give it a try and you will love it. There are several points we feel we need to point out about the pork:

Hormone Free: It will not receive growth promoting hormones, as most commercially raised pork is.

No Feed Grade Antibiotics: Our pork will not receive a constant dose of feed grade antibiotics, as most commercial pork does.

Animal By Products: Our pork will not be fed any animal by-products as a part of its ration.

Confinement: Our pork will not be raised in small, overcrowded, confinement pens. The pigs will be raised in a very large pen, allowing them room to run, play, and dig, all the things pigs love to do. They will not, however, be raised on pasture. Pigs love to dig (“rooting”), and are extremely hard on quality pastures. Since our primary focus is on having excellent pastures for raising beef, we choose not to allow the pigs access to the pasture.

Feed Program: The pigs will be fed a combination of the excess fruit and vegtables we produce on the farm (they love apples and corn stalks!), as well as a commercially produced hog growing and finishing ration. Thus, the pork will receive grain products, unlike our beef which never consumes any grain.

We tend to raise our pork to relatively large size. It is not uncommon for our pork to have a hanging weight of 230-270 pounds.

Price: The price for our pork is $3.70/pound based upon hanging weight. For more information on pricing, see the page Order Meat